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Don’t yet have a bookkeeper? Your current bookkeeper making mistakes in your bookkeeping? Are they taking too long? Don’t feel you’re getting the services you are paying for? What ever your situation, Bookkeeping & Tax Solutions Inc. of Jacksonville FL will get your bookkeeping set tup correctly, correct previous errors, maintain your records quickly and accurately, all at a price you can afford! We offer an array of bookkeeper services covering payroll, QuickBooks, accounting and tax filing.

Bookkeeping Services

We specialize in bookkeeping & Taxes for small to medium businesses. You’ll have a fully qualified and trained bookkeeper who you can trust to get your accounting correct the first time. In addition, our affordable pricing plans allow you to get quality service at a reasonable cost.  Learn More >

Payroll Services

Bookkeeping & Tax Solutions Inc. will remove the payroll headache from your business. We’ll help to setup your payroll, pay & file all necessary payroll related reports quarterly and year-end. We’ll help to setup your payroll to specific project cost, track employee time and location with GPS, set up benefits & reimbursement. Whether your business pays hourly or has salaried employees, pays weekly or semi-monthly, we can incorporate payroll within your QuickBooks so all data can be in one system and remove the headache of dealing with third party payroll company.  Learn More >


QuickBooks is the most popular software used by small to medium businesses for their bookkeeping & accounting. As a QuickBooks Advance Proadvisor, we will make sure your QuickBooks software is setup properly & that your records are entered correctly. We also offer on-site tutoring to help you with your day-to-day operations. If you use QuickBooks (or plan to), make sure you hire a qualified QuickBooks Pro Advisor like Bookkeeping & Tax Solutions Inc..  Learn More >

Tax Return Preparation

Our expertise will save you money and get it right the first time while our prices are definitely affordable. We can help to file personal, business and trust tax returns and help you to understand different tax structures.  Learn More >