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We are a QuickBooks Advance ProAdvisor in Jacksonville, Fl. We offer the following QuickBooks bookkeeping services to assist do-it-yourself business owners who manage their day-to-day operations using QuickBooks:

  • On-Site Tutoring
  • Initial Setup
  • Data Entry
  • Reconciliation
  • Reporting


Setting Up QuickBooks

If you have not already setup your QuickBooks software, I highly recommend that you call me first so I can guide you through the critical decisions during setup. Although QuickBooks accounting software is ideally suited for small business owners, no accounting software can be setup and operated properly without a sufficient understanding of its features and functionality. Setting up QuickBooks can be easy for a bookkeeper or accountant. However, for the small business owner it is very easy to make simple mistakes that can very time consuming for your bookkeeper to correct down the road.


Ongoing QuickBooks Support

As a Certified QuickBooks Advance Pro Advisor, I can save your business time, prevent a lot of headaches, and help correct accounting errors. As needed and at various accounting stages throughout the year, I can guide, support and advise you and your staff. As part of my QuickBooks services I will review your bookkeeping on a regular basis to ensure your accounts are accurate. You will also be able to call when you have questions or need advice regarding your QuickBooks files so you can make informed decisions with your business accounting.