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Reference Letters

“We highly recommend Hang Lawry for your accounting needs! She has helped us over the past 15 years in several businesses. Hang is very professional and prompt in her service to clients and is personable and highly educated in her field. She will keep your books balanced and allow you to run your business!”

From : Gail Moore dated September 21, 2021.

I recently had the opportunity to work with Bookkeeping & Tax Solutions Inc. on my tax returns. They came highly recommended by a very good friend and respected businessman in our area. My situation was extremely time sensitive, and one in which I needed someone who could assist me with fixing a really tough situation. They were definitely the right people for the job. Their sense of urgency and expertise in this area was amazing and extremely impressive. To be honest, I have never seen that level of dedication from individuals filing taxes on someone else’s behalf. I definitely plan to use them as my tax consultant for a very long time to come.



I am so relieved that we were able to work together on my two corporate QuickBooks files, my 1120S filings, and my personal income tax filings.  Prior to working with you, I was at a loss to find my way out of the three years of tax and form filings, not to mention two sets of corporate records that were totally messed up.

I dreaded pulling together all of the necessary documents required to complete my corporate records.  Your thorough and thoughtful work was an amazing feat for the time frame that you worked in.  In the end, it was a pleasure working with you and I am now “legal” and worry free.

I found your rates to be very fair and you added value at every phase of this effort.

All successful people surround themselves with other successful people – people who get the job done!  So in conclusion, we are now in a partnership and I will be recommending you to other associates (but remember I come first).

It is my pleasure to be in a partnership with you.


Bill Cook

President, CBILL, Inc.

President, Shark Bite Investment