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Tax Return Preparation

Having the right qualified person prepare your tax returns is very important. And while our prices are definitely affordable, who offers you the best price is not what’s important. What’s important is that your tax returns are done right. Just one simple mistake or oversight could cost you hundreds on your refund or how much you owe.

Are You Getting Every Deduction Possible?

At Bookkeeping & Tax Solutions Inc. of Jacksonville, we use the latest software to make sure no deduction is missed and that all depreciable items are properly calculated. Based on detailed information we ask from you, we’ll choose the proper tax return filing forms for you and make sure every applicable schedule is attached and that your returns are filed on time.

We’ll Prove It With Detailed Reports & Recommendations

That’s right. We’ll not only prepare your returns properly, but we’ll also give you a detailed report on the deductions you qualified for. We’ll even give you a report forecasting your deductions for the coming year and give you recommendations on how to get the most deductions based on your personal information. Does your current accountant do this?

Give us a chance to serve you and we are confident you’ll agree that Bookkeeping & Tax Solutions Inc. is your best choice for a tax return preparer in Jacksonville Fl!


I am so relieved that we were able to work together on my two corporate QuickBooks files, my 1120S filings, and my personal income tax filings.  Prior to working with you, I was at a loss to find my way out of the three years of tax and form filings, not to mention two sets of corporate records that were totally messed up.

I dreaded pulling together all of the necessary documents required to complete my corporate records.  Your thorough and thoughtful work was an amazing feat for the time frame that you worked in.  In the end, it was a pleasure working with you and I am now “legal” and worry free.

I found your rates to be very fair and you added value at every phase of this effort.

All successful people surround themselves with other successful people – people who get the job done!  So in conclusion, we are now in a partnership and I will be recommending you to other associates (but remember I come first).

It is my pleasure to be in a partnership with you.



Bill Cook

President, CBILL, Inc.

President, Shark Bite Investments